Mil Mi-2

1992 Bell 206 Jet Ranger

Helicopter was designed by the Russian design bureau Mikhail Mila, mass-produced only by the PZL in Świdnik. Mi-2 helicopter was the only structure that wasn’t made in the USSR.

This helicopter is a multi-purpose machine for duralumin, semi-monocoque construction in the system Sikorski. It has a main metal 3-pieced rotor. Chassis is solid, with the front wheel. It has a tank with 600 liters of fuel. In order to increase the range of the two external tanks, a helicopter can take up to an additional 476 liters of fuel. There are 2 machines drive motors- PZL GTD-350 at take-off power 400 hp each. The crew is one pilot or pilot and equipment operator. Takes on board up to 8 passengers and up to 700 kg load.

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